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Scott Oldford, Founder of The Relevancy Engine. Testimonial coming soon.

Joe Fox, CEO of Bluhen Botanicals. Testimonial coming soon.

What to expect with Grace Smith’s VIP HypnoCoaching:

HypnoCoaching with Grace will enable you to experience a complete overhaul of your subconscious mind. It will lead you to a level of transformation in which you can live a masterful life in every single area.
The VIP program will equip you to tackle unhelpful beliefs formed in your childhood, traumas, and pain points. It will also give you a deep integration of confidence so that it becomes a innate part of your being in the areas you need it most. You will come to know true confidence is quiet and calm, without arrogance. And finally, but most importantly, a deep focus on self-love and actualization.
After this time together, Grace’s clients know what it feels like to cultivate heaven on Earth, and to live there.
In addition to the following framework, Grace and her client will spend 1 full day together every 90 days. You can experience this day live with Grace at the Grace Space Headquarters in Vero Beach, Florida, or by virtual conference. For an additional fee, Grace can travel to you.

With Grace’s intensive coaching, she will guide you to transform:

Inner Child





Limiting Beliefs

 Imposter Syndrome

 Not smart enough

 Not loveable enough

 Not good enough

Self Love & Actualization

 Your Highest Self

 Your Legacy

 Your Power

 Your Heart

Remaining Issues

 Any habits, thoughts, emotional responses that aren’t serving you that still need to be released, transformed and replaced.






The opportunity to privately work with Grace is limited. If this level of commitment is not a fit for you at this time, Grace Space Hypnosis has a variety of hypnosis recording options that fit all budget ranges.

Commitment Option:

10 months


$10k a month


You will receive two hypnosis sessions every week.
One with Grace and one with a Grace Space trained and certified hypnotherapist.

On Fridays you will have a mastermind meet-up where you manifest at the level of the subconscious mind.

As one of the most sought-after hypnotherapists in the world with thousands of successful sessions under her belt, the investment you make in your work with Grace will yield unparalleled quality and results.

If you are willing to make this investment in yourself and you know that by achieving your ultimate vision and desired results, the investment will have paid off in multiples, then you ARE a good fit to work privately with Grace.

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