How Overspending & Overeating Are Related (Video)

How to shift your mindset and find more money with Danny J

This is a biggie.

I recently had the opportunity to spend some time with my good friend Danny J over at the Find The Money project and let me tell you – this lady and I are on the same page.

Changing the way you think about money, changes the way money shows up in your life.

Before I explain, let me tell you a little about Danny…

Danny has a huge background in the fitness arena as a personal trainer and health coach and managed to build a following of over half a million people in a Facebook group called Sweaty Betties.

But, despite her success, she and her wonderful husband Nate lost a lot of clients during the financial crash around 2008 and things got quite difficult. They filed bankruptcy, foreclosed on their house and lost basically everything.

The financial uncertainty got her thinking about money and she started to look very closely at the correlations between weight loss and finances with her clients and in her own life. It hit her like a ton of bricks: overeating and overspending come from the same root issue.

So, as you can imagine – Danny was speaking my language (check out the video interview here). Hypnosis is all about the havoc that negative subconscious programming can have on our behaviour if we’re unaware of the beliefs that are creating our thoughts and ultimately our choices.

Danny made a decision to take control, shift her mindset, and work on her finances. As soon as she did, her financial problems and struggles with eating started to disappear.

They paid off $18,000 in debt in 90 days.

She knew she was onto something big. As she shared her story, more and more people connected to it and she realized how many people she could help to address their lack mentality and find freedom.

Danny’s story resonated with me so much because I work with clients all the time that face the same problems and have behavior that isn’t serving them show up in multiple areas.

It usually boils down to a single root issue like a lack of self love or a lack of self worth.

We then try to fill that void with food and buying things that we can’t actually afford which then makes us feel even worse. The stress and the weight of that only perpetuates the bad behavior. It’s a horrible cycle that we get ourselves into.

The Find The Money Project was born!

Danny took what she learned from losing everything due to debt, spending habits and an unhealthy mindset and became completely debt free three years ago. She created the Find The Money Project to help others do the same.

Because this hits so close to home for me and I believe in it so much, I’ve created a bonus for the Find the Money Project. Danny has all of these amazing, wonderful practical tools and practical ways to find money. The bonus Mp3 that I created is on how to actually change your mindset to believe that you are worthy of making money – the two perfectly complement each other.

Click here and you can find those free resources waiting for you.

A sneak peek into the Find The Money Project

Getting Real

Danny takes you through a process of facing your numbers. It involves printing your bank statements, knowing where your debt is and how you’re spending your money. It’s like getting on the scale for the first time in a long time, or your first day back at the gym after an hiatus – a hard but necessary reality check.

Clearing the Clutter

Step two is all about selling anything extra and getting rid of things that aren’t serving you. This is about making a little bit of extra money but it’s also about getting rid of STUFF that can add clutter and anxiety to your mind.

Get a Side Hustle

Danny supports you through finding extra ways to bring a little more money into your life. From babysitting to crafts to physical labour, there are so many ways that we can open the door to extra money.


I work with so many clients that start with a lack mentality. The Find The Money Project helps to undo the negative thinking that keeps us stuck thinking that we don’t deserve more (I think you’ll find the bonus mp3 I made particularly helpful on this one).


What I think is so amazing about this project is, of course that it addresses financial issues at their core in the subconscious, but also, the results!

In the past challenge, 3500 people participated and the average person found an extra 1800 dollars in 14 days! A total of 1.3 million dollars was found!

Again, just because I believe so much in Danny’s message and it’s such a good fit with the work we do here at Grace Space, we’ve created a number of free resources for you including my bonus, but also a lot of wonderful, amazing things that Danny has for you.

Make sure that you click here and get involved in Find the Money Project, enjoy these free bonuses and start learning these powerful things that you can do and implement in your life to find the money.

Watch the whole interview here where Danny and I personal on how this journey has changed her life.


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