What is Grace Space, Exactly? (and how you can get free access today)

Simply put, Grace Space is where you get access to dozens of life-changing hypnotherapy and wellness programs for the lowest possible price.

If you know me, you know that I’m always busy listening to our community in order to produce resources and solutions to help you overcome your biggest challenges. Whatever is holding you back from personal freedom, or keeping you from living your best life  – I want to help you get through it, and fast.

As I get to know our community better, I’m learning more and more about the exact challenges that we are facing and so, overtime, I have been able to tailor and design helpful resources to suit these specific needs.

Grace Space, is a collection of everything that I’ve learned about the challenges that our community members face, the common barriers to success, and the best techniques for overcoming whatever it is that’s holding you back.

That sounds awesome! Tell me more!

Consider Grace Space the Lynda.com for wellness – that’s what we’re becoming.

It’s an extensive library of over 50 online hypnotherapy sessions and several full programs. I basically took all my best, most popular work over the years, created new content to respond to what our community asked for and put it all in one place.

It’s beautifully organized and incredibly easy to use. In fact, Grace Space was so well designed by my husband that his work was featured at a tech conference, and after dozens of requests to hire him an entirely new business, Membership Authority was literally born overnight… all from Grace Space!

Grace Space begins with my foundational programs, the Four Steps to Mental Freedom and the 21 Day Mental Boot Camp. From there you can move on to any number of programs from overcoming addiction to sugar to weight loss, nail biting, fear of public speaking, or increasing confidence.

A program for improving relationships is coming next because that’s what Grace Space members voted for – we’re a democratic community and everyone who joins has a voice! I’ve also included my daily Periscope replays and YouTube archives – videos you can’t find anywhere else – all in one place.

Why did I create Grace Space?

I’ve been on a mission to make hypnosis mainstream ever since I watched my father-in-law overcome his paralysis during our first hypnosis session together. It was then and there that I said to myself:

“Hypnosis has to be mainstream. There is no way I can do anything else until it is.”

When I first started my hypnosis business, I launched with a Living Social campaign. I sold almost 1000 vouchers in 24 hours. I saw 1000 clients my first year –  eight or nine people a day – and after Living Social and my NYC office landlord took their cut of my massively discounted offer, I actually lost $3 per client. I was exhausted mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially.

I don’t know if you have ever heard the parable about the shoemaker who has the worst shoes in town, because he is fixing everybody else’s shoes. Well, that was me. I was fixing everyone else’s subconscious and I was a wreck.

If I were to continue at that pace—which was impossible—the largest number of clients I could work with per year was 1000 people… to me that’s not mainstream.

After that, I had no choice but to triple my rates. I had so much experience under my belt and started working with some very high profile clients including celebrities and CEOs. I wasn’t exhausted or broke anymore, but I definitely wasn’t fulfilling my mission of making hypnosis mainstream.

So I said to myself:

“What is the most powerful way that I can reach the most amount of people, without my physical presence being required?”

And Grace Space was born!

It was originally called Grace Smith TV Premium, which is quite a mouthful – our community members on Periscope renamed it Grace Space.

Great, I want in! What’s next?

I wanted to make sure that as many people as possible have access to the resources and support available in Grace Space so there are two options. There is the free option and the one dollar trial option… decisions, decisions!

This will help you to decide which track is right for you…


If you want a taste of what Grace Space is like, the free option includes:

  • Daily Grace Notes
  • Periscope replays
  • Three minute stress relief recording
  • Ten minute stress relief recording
  • Four steps to mental freedom foundation course

The free option is an awesome way to dive in and get involved in the community with literally no investment whatsoever.

You can check it out here.


For an investment of only one dollar, you will receive access to the full blown Grace Space for a full 10 days! You get:

  • Daily Grace Notes
  • Periscope replays
  • Three minute stress relief recording
  • Ten minute stress relief recording
  • Four steps to mental freedom foundation course
  • 21 day mental bootcamp program
  • Private YouTube archives
  • 50 credits to use towards any of the following programs:
  • Ultimate Anxiety Relief
  • 21 Day Weight Loss
  • 1 Week in the Zone
  • 21 Day Sugar Detox
  • Unlimited Confidence
  • Procrastination to Productivity
  • The full Grace Space App

and more!

I just want to spend a minute on the Grace Space app because I’m really proud of how this has turned out. You can listen to any recording and change your state. If you are feeling angry, listen to the calm down one. If you are feeling sad, listen to the increased happiness one. It’s amazing!

You can check it out here, but it’s only available to those of you who choose the 10-day trial option. 

When the 10 days of the FREE trial are over, Grace Space returns to it’s full-price investment of $47 per month. We actually send reminders right before the end of your 10 days so you will know that the one dollar trial is almost over. We do that because it is helpful for you and it is helpful for us so we know how many donations we can make. You can either stay with us for only $47 per month or you can cancel at anytime during your trial.

AND, if that weren’t enough…

For EVERY membership sold, access to Grace Space is donated to a person in-need chosen by one of our NGO partners who support survivors of human trafficking and Veterans recovering from PTSD.

So now you know exactly what Grace Space is and how it came about. For only 10-day you can experience a full-blown membership for 10 days, join us!

What do you have to lose except stress and habits that no longer serve you? 🙂

I hope to see you and your loved ones (share this with them so they don’t miss out) on the inside!

With Love,


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