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How Hope May Be Standing Between You and The Life of Your Dreams

In my experience in working with a few thousand private clients, we all have at least one habit, at least one thing in our lives that we’d like to overcome.

Today, the thing I want to help you overcome is HOPE. That’s right, I said it, I’m going to talk about how HOPE (of all things) may be standing in the way between you and lasting change.

Bear with me for a moment – it will all make sense in a moment, I promise!

Before I knew how to take responsibility and purposefully craft my life, one intention at time, I would desperately hope for change. I would hope that I would stop my bad habits and replace them with good ones. I would focus on all the things that were wrong or bad about my life and hope my luck would change.

I wasn’t sure how to make it happen, I was just hoping that it would.

Well, guess what? Good luck DOES happen.. sometimes. Or as Oprah often quotes, “Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity.” And, sure, you can wait around for luck to see if it happens to you but you can’t hope your way to a better life.

We in the wellness world call this the “Hope Zone”.

Nothing changed in my life until I took responsibility for my thoughts and actions and got serious about KNOWING change was coming, not hoping it would.

You might be wanting to improve things like procrastination, blaming others, or putting everyone else first. You might want to stop binge eating forever. You might want to stop making excuses. You might want to stop complaining. You might feel like “what if I never write that book?!”.

Thinking positively is very important. But, nothing will change until you reprogram your subconscious mind so that you can actually create that lasting change – you’re not just hoping for the future of your dreams, you create it brick by brick in your mind.

So, what does that actually look like?

Imagine a blank canvas and on it is your future. Now, notice – does your future look the way you want it to look? If it doesn’t, do you have a plan of action for how to make it reflect the life of your greatest desires?

If you don’t have anyone looking out for you, guiding you step by step, taking you from where you are to where you want to be, how likely is that you’ll get the results you’re looking for later in life based on where you are today?

Perhaps you continue hoping that the change will come to you. Maybe it’s even a little bit painful for you to look at that canvas right now. Now, imagine painting over that canvas.

You’re now looking at a new blank canvas.

On this canvas, you have the option to paint whatever you desire, whatever it is you choose, your mind has zero boundaries and zero limits. See yourself being so happy, feel yourself being so free on that canvas because you’ve overcome your core issues and have rewritten your subconscious programming to reflect the life you most desire.

See yourself being productive, loving life at every moment, going for your dreams, and being in perfect connection with your body. FEEL and SEE that you have a sense of power, that you’re writing that book, or you’re mastering the final touches on your album or moving into that dream home.

Really see, feel and experience in every single part of our body as you paint your destiny.

The work that I do with my clients and members in my private groups is essentially to help them paint that canvas in detail and literally design the life of their dreams.

Today my life reflects my greatest desires. I am waking up in the morning inspired about what I have to do today – what I get to do today – because I’ve chosen and crafted the life I’ve always “hoped” for.

I can help you do the same.

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