Hypnosis for Productivity with Kyle Kittleson

Do you ever have one of those days where you know, right from the start, that there’s no way you can get everything done? And then, you’re immediately flooded with a combination of panic, overwhelm and a dose of dread?

We live in a non-stop, go-getting, never good enough culture where Busy is worn as a badge and no matter how we organize our day – we could have always done it better and accomplished more.

How exhausting! Nobody likes facing the day under these conditions. It’s a lose-lose situation.

When we set ourselves up to accomplish more in a day than is reasonable, anxiety builds which eventually leads to getting far less done due to our now anxiety-ridden state of fight, flight or freeze.

The solution lies in being realistic with our expectations, clear on what our daily goals are, and getting our subconscious minds to believe that we can accomplish these tasks with ease and, most importantly, that we’re worthy of doing so.

In today’s Grace Smith TV episode, my favorite animal expert, TV host and Periscope superstar, Kyle Kittleson, joins me so that I can hypnotize him on the spot and help him overcome some of these big “I never get enough done!” barriers so that he can start to go to bed feeling accomplished and wake up to his best life yet.

We go over some of Kyle’s questions and trepidations about hypnosis and then we dive right in so you get to watch exactly what’s going on in his subconscious mind when he’s tackling life’s to-do list. You can check out the video here… enjoy it!

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