“I have lived with anxiety and panic attacks associated with phobias and family issues for most of my life. I have found means of healing myself, but I looked to Grace to provide even more tools to accomplish goals that I wasn’t able to on my own – more specifically, chronic nightmares and relationship issues with family members.

I’ve had several sessions with Grace, and each one left me with a greater sense of calm and empowerment. The most remarkable result was the instant cessation of my chronic nightmares. I began to sleep better, helping me to function better during the day and improving my overall mood.

Not only would I recommend hypnosis to anyone struggling with similar issues to mine, I would recommend it to everyone. Hypnosis isn’t just for people with problems. It can also be a tool to improve work performance, strengthen personal relationships, and develop a deeper understanding of self. I use a lot of Grace’s techniques in my personal meditation practice and with my own students.

Grace is an understanding, gentle, and compassionate hypnocoach who was sensitive to my personal needs and limits. I always felt in control during our sessions. She felt more like an assistant to my self-healing, which left me with an even strong belief that I have the power to change my circumstances for the better.”


Rebekah Borucki
Fitness, Yoga, and Meditation Coach- TV Host


Thought you would be “put under” and be under the control of the therapist….Or totally hokey and wouldn’t work at all. Anxiety and anger/mood swings I do not like the the way I “behave”, and it makes me feel awful for myself and those around me. I’m a stay-at-home mom in my late forties. I had one 90 minute break through session with Grace to deal with some increasing anxiety. I had no prior experience with hypnotherapy. Five years ago, I attended traditional psychotherapy for a year. The sessions felt good while I was there, but I was seeing no lasting results. Grace was very forthcoming and honest about what hypnotherapy would and would not do. I wasn’t to expect overnight 100% resolution to my issues. It would probably take several days to see any reduction in my symptoms. The day after my session, I was in a situation that would instantly trigger a medium amount of anxiety. I normally feel a sharp energy right in my heart, with a quickened heart and breath rate. I felt absolutely nothing in my heart, no quickness of breath. It was unbelievable. It didn’t even realize the extent I had been living with anxiety until it wasn’t there. I actually tried to recreate the feeling because the abscence of my anxiety felt so strange. It was a breakthrough moment that I needed help, and hypnotherapy could help me. I also noticed I wasn’t as reactive when things didn’t go as planned with my husband and teenagers. We had a minor incident that I normally would have exploded. I had a very calm reaction with no iternal anxiety, and I completely moved on. My reaction was so far from my norm, that my family thought, wow, she is really really upset, and we better stear clear. The changes I was experiencing where quick, drastic, and noticeable to everyone around. Although I still have some anxiety, the intensity and frequency are dramatically reduced. With hypnosis, unlike traditional theray, I see improvements and lasting changes well after my sessions with Grace. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Story 2. I have been working with Grace for anxiety and child hood trauma for several months. My life has been amazing and I have felt much happiness due to our work. I was at an all time high, and I had a fluke accident tearing two teeny tiny tendons in my wrist simply moving a very light suitcase. I handled this bizarre injury better than I could possibly imagine. The tools Grace had given me allowed me to handle this with a calm positive demeanor. I had just declared some goals and non-negotiables the day of the accident, and those would be put on hold for six months and counting. My arm was casted above the elbow for 4 weeks, and I had very limited use of my arm for 4 months. I had to give up several of my activities I enjoyed including cycling and rowing. Hypnotherapy has allowed me to focus on my healing, tolerate my cast, handle sleep deprivation, and roll with the punches at many unpredictable medical appointments. I had to sit in a loud MRI machine for 45 minutes in an uncomfortable position. I was able to repeat Grace’s word in my head to fly through the procedure in 25 minutes because I was able to remain perfectly still. Our work together totally changed the way I viewed my injury. Instead of feeling sorry for my self, she guided me to gratitude for my hundreds of body parts that were still working. I also had a new sense of purpose living life with one arm, and relishing the challenge of coming up with new and inventive ways of navigating my daily life. I can’t imagine how sad and depressed I would have been if this injury had occurred prior to working with Grace.

Andy Thompson


I didn’t have many thoughts about it. It did seem like something strange and woo woo. Nothing that I thought would help me. My anxiety. I can remember being 4 or 5 and going to the movies with my grandmother weekly, and I can remember being so worried that we were in the wrong theater and worrying about what was going to happen if the wrong movie began to play. I can remember times when I was too paralyzed to answer a knock at the door, times I would have to turn the ringer off on my phone because hearing it would cause a panic attack, and times even hearing the mail drop into the mailbox would make me so anxious I would need to lay down. A little over a year ago I discovered Grace through Bex from Bexlife. I’ve watched most of her videos and parascopes. It has been life changing. I joined GraceSpace as soon as it opened and haven’t looked back. I can honestly say the last 6 months have been the best of my life. I listen to hypnosis daily, and almost every night I listen to the one hour full-length anxiety relief session. What have I gotten out of it? I sleep through the night for the first time in my life. I no longer wake in the middle of the night in a panic attack. I can answer the phone, the door, and am happy to get my mail. I haven’t had a panic attack in as long as I can remember. Work no longer makes my stomach hurt, nor does having hard conversations with people. Hypnosis did for me what therapy, medication, exercise, and a whole plethora of “natural” remedies couldn’t. It gave me peace for the first time. I feel free.

Krista Haywood

“I am an actor and came to Grace initially to work on anxiety in auditions and performance. After a month of working with her I booked a leading role in my first National Tour! I have continued to coach with her in phone sessions as I travel around the country performing.

After just a few sessions, she helped me realize a dream that I had been struggling to achieve for years. Grace is exceptional at what she does. She is warm, intelligent and creative and uses these skills to craft individualized sessions that are extremely effective. In the coaching portion of our session, she directs me to talk about one specific issue that I’d like to work on and then expertly recalls the specific images and language that I used during the hypnosis portion of the session.

When coaching with Grace, it always feels like I am being gently guided to heal myself. The experience has been invaluable to my career and my life. I have already referred several close friends to her and recommend her highly.”

I just didn’t think it worked, or would work on me. I didn’t understand how close it was to meditation, and I hated meditation… So we were off to a bad start ! But positive thinking was appealing to me, so I decided to try it out. I just needed to get my anxiety levels to drop down. My depression was getting worse again, and I wanted to find balance, because I could feel myself starting to become agressive to my loved ones from the pain, and that was out of the question. I was also freaking out because I had no clue what I would be doing the next year… Or even what I wanted ! There is nothing more frightening than not even knowing your own mind. I help onto anything I could to find my path, which also, incidentaly, made me hold onto the right things, and get the right result. I’m very bad at discipline, and I was amazed when I effortlessly didn’t miss a single session on Periscope. The more I practised, the more I felt like my vision was clearing up. When I realised Grace had taught me back something essential that I had forgotten : how to calm down !, I felt so relieved, it was like a revelation. The calm, grounded energy I was looking for was mine at last. It gave me the possibility to look out for what I wanted, fearlessly, and as I was in the middle of an important decision-making time (aka. what do I do once I finish my bachelor’s degree), I was in desperate need of this kind of support. I wanted to keep depression at bay to make sure my decision was mine and had nothing to do with my illness. Now I’m off to a master’s degree with a wonderful subject and teacher to guide me, I’ve created my own rescue group with a friend, I keep steadily trying to get my driving licence -everything I’m awfully bad at merged into a single activity- and I’m going to look for a summer job for the first time ever. I’m not scared, I’m not sad, I’m not confused anymore. I can finally appreciate the present time, and look forward to living the future. Thank you for teaching me, Grace.

Ariane Guillon

I had never experienced hypnosis but was open to it I was in the process of quitting my “day job” and pursuing my passion of being a doula and student midwife. I was scared that I didn’t have enough experience to be successful and was afraid to market my business. After being at a job for 14 years that wasn’t rewarding to me, I found my passion in the form of birth. After the birth of my fourth child I realized that helping mothers through childbirth was my calling and I immediately worked on doula certification with the intent to begin midwifery school once my doula practice had taken off the ground. I completed my doula certification and then became a bit frightened. I had done a few births but wasn’t gaining the traction I needed. I knew that I needed to market myself online as well as in person (via birth fairs, visits to OBGYN offices and birth centers, as well as be a featured speaker in birth classes) but I found myself questioning if I had enough experience and knowledge to do this. I worried that I would be seen as a fraud or that clients would immediately turn me away when they saw that I had a minimal number of births under my belt. It was during my maternity leave of my 5th baby that I came across Grace and she was offering a special to talk to her and record a 15-20 min hypnosis over the phone. I was open to the idea and so I set up an appointment. I was really nervous when it was time for my appointment but as soon as I heard her voice, I felt at ease. She asked me several questions about my work, my children, my dream of becoming a successful doula and midwife, among other things. In the time we spoke, she was able to perfectly summarize what my goal was which really had nothing to do with finances or money but rather that I wanted to help women through childbirth to feel as empowered and amazing as I had felt by trusting their bodies to birth a baby and to know that they could do it. I have always thought that if a woman can give birth, she can do anything and I wanted women to know the powerful being that they are. We then did the hypnosis and she sent me a copy via email. After listening to it one time, my fear vanished. I’m not sure how or why, but I called a prenatal and postpartum chiropractor and scheduled a meeting to go over my doula services. I didn’t question my experience any longer because Grace made me realize that my experience as a mother of 5 was all that I needed and that my heart and maternal knowledge helped me to know and understand what pregnant mothers needed to birth their babies and to ease their labor pains and any fears. My website began to receive more views, I created a Facebook webpage, went to my first birth event where I had my own booth and met several new clients. Grace and hypnosis took away my fear and gave me the confidence to be the practicing doula I’m today. I’m now a full time doula and began midwifery school 7 months ago and am on my way to realizing my dream. I absolutely know that hypnosis did this for me and have no doubt as to its influence. Thank you so much Grace. You have changed my life for the better.

Erica Stauffer

“January 6, 2014 is an important date for me. It’s the date that, via the help and teaching of Grace Smith, I took my power back. In doing so, it was if I was reborn. You can’t go up the mountain and not come down the other side a changed being. I am still Leah; I still love to laugh, read, cook, spend time with my children (human and furry), family and friends. I still hate asparagus, bad drivers and when my hair is staticky. I am still me and yet I am not.

I took part in Grace’s “trance-formation challenge” and came down the other side of the mountain a better me. One who was able to recognize anxiety as it was creeping up and stop it in it’s tracks. One who was able to live fully in the moment and experience whatever emotion came with that moment and still have an underlying sense of peace through it all. I was able to go to my doctor and tell her that I was finally ready to be weaned off the anxiety meds that had helped me up until this point and then was able to celebrate once I had.

I walked taller, sat straighter, looked people in the eye and was filled with genuine confidence. I was also able to empathize on an even deeper level and to shoe who weren’t walking tall, those who couldn’t control their anxiety, those who weren’t happy, confident and at peace. And I was able to refer them to Grace and to show them, by my ow actions and newfound “me-ness” that change was possible, attainable and permanent.

Tonight, myself and the other two challenge winners were blessed to be able to take part in a group session with Grace. We were able to share in more depth all that we had learned and accomplished and all that we still had left to accomplish. We were able to connect, build trust and friendship and a community; a community that was like minded in wanting to better ourselves so that we in turn, even if just by our actions, could better others. It was a surreal moment in that I have never felt so connected, so open, so receptive, and so empowered.

Two of Grace’s challenges to us were to write a life plan and a mantra for ourselves. While my full life plan can be found on her Facebook page, the small part I want to share here is that I was so inspired by her willingness and want to help others, that I now plan on becoming a licensed hypnotherapist. I feel it is my calling to give back what she helped me to receive. And it is because i feel that way that my mantra is: “Passion, Purpose, Peace.”

If you have tried everything else and still feel lost and embattled, let Grace help you take your power back so that you can live!!!”


Leah S
Medical Referral Coordinator

I did not know anything about it, but, probably skeptical. I was actually googling guided meditations and happened upon you! Severe depression and anxiety brought on by a sudden estrangement of my son. It is hard to write about without crying and feeling all of the pain I was in. I found Grace on a Youtube of Grace Smith TV. Several times a day for weeks and weeks I did the self hypnosis, repeating the line “I’m safe. I’m calm. I choose to be here”. In reality I didn’t want to be here and I had urges and thoughts of suicide. I was actually mad each morning that my eyes would open and I was still alive. I really wanted to die. I would put on my headphones, listen to Grace’s soothing voice and repeat her words. It calmed me down and grounded me. Grace helped me through the pain and my suicidal thoughts. She really saved my life. She gave me something I could do to help myself and it really worked!!! It’s been 2 years and I CHOOSE TO BE HERE! Thanks Grace!!!

Dana K.

I didn’t know what to believe. I had a strong meditation practice so I knew the mind was powerful. I was open to the experience. Although I have worked with Grace the success story I want to share is of my 11 year old daughter Emma. She has anxiety and pulls her eyelashes. We wanted to fix it because it was causing her more anxiety and low confidence.

Last year (2015) my 11 year old daughter Emma’s eyelash pulling was at its worst. She had no eye lashes left and she was getting small sores on her eyelids from picking at the tiny eyelashes that were trying to grow in. The eye lash pulling had become an even bigger problem than the esthetic one – she was now feeling worse and worse every time she pulled an eye lash.

She continuously told us how she ‘couldn’t stop’ and that she was ‘dumb’ and ‘not normal’ I asked grace if she could work with Emma on her self esteem around pulling her eyelashes and maybe even that habit itself. When grace called me, she spoke to me and asked me a few questions including my goal for the session.

My goal was simply to free Emma from the burden of how picking her eyelashes made her feel. I wasn’t concerned with the habit itself but more with how badly it made her feel. then grace spoke to Emma and asked her a few questions including what Emma would consider a successful treatment. Emma responded by saying that if she went from pulling 5-10 eyelashes per day to pulling that many per week she would consider that a success.

Grace and Emma had their hypnosis session and Emma was instructed to listen to the recording as often as possible. Within 24 hours Emma started noticing that she wasn’t picking as many eyelashes! I also noticed that when she did pick one she didn’t seem to feel so bad – and she just picked one! She usually would pick one, feel bad and pick more and more. But she would pick just one! She continued to listen to the recording and see impressive results!

Now 6 months later she has some full eyelashes back and more are growing but most importantly her habit doesn’t affect how she feels about herself! She is happy and carefree again and not focused on how many eyelashes she has or doesn’t have!

It is truly amazing! I can’t possibly thank Grace enough for giving Emma her carefree childhood freedom back!


Lisa Simchison Alberta

“I have had the privilege and honor to live and work all around the world and meet thousands of people…and can say with complete certainty and comfort that Grace Smith has a true gift. In the words of both myself and my partner who also participated in her hypnotherapy sessions, ‘She is an angel’.

Now true angels don’t necessarily make you feel great all of the time because they may be there to help you face certain fears or obstacles buried in the depths of your sub-conscious. However, through a combination of gentle guidance, relaxation, visualization, probing yet unthreatening questions, and confirmation that everything you are feeling and facing is ‘OK’ , Grace proved to me that she is special and has what it takes to help me face some fears which have been ‘keeping and slowing me down’ for a good portion of my life.

We met in Aruba while I was on a retreat where Grace was offering her sessions. Upon meeting her, it immediately became apparent that she has a gift. During our one hour together, she explained to me what would happen, and guided me every step of the way. I was concerned that I would forget the whole experience, however I remember pretty well everything – especially the most important points.

She enabled me to face my fears and sources of sadness – she instructed me through visualization how to release those fears and I felt lighter afterwards. I cried and not a little – and that was OK – no judgement at all from her. I also felt energized at points. In fact the session was really about living and feeling everything in an unfiltered way, talking about it with Grace, and letting it go.

Grace, I will always remember our session together, it was transformational, it was intense, and it has already changed my life for the better. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and look forward to our next session.

With huge gratitude, Antony”


Antony B
Business Owner/ Entrepreneur

“I wanted to help become more focused on my professional goals and taking them from idea to successful products and services. I tried hypnosis before and it didn’t work. Going into my first session with Grace I was skeptical, expecting a simple meditation session and not much else. It was refreshing to hear that Grace was just as skeptical before she tried it as I was.

Grace is an every day woman with an extraordinary talent. Her soothing voice and energy are just gorgeous. She explained the process in a way that made sense, even for skeptics like me. Drawing from her own experience and expertise, she allows me to relax, let go and allow my inner power to shine through. She also gave me easy-to-follow, highly effective techniques to help keep me focus and strong.

I believe that hypnosis is a powerful technique that can help you with both physical and emotional barriers. I feel a lot more confident and positive about my abilities and talents; mainly because I now understand that there is no difference between the “me” that I want to become and the “me” of today. I will continue to practice hypnosis for years to come!”


Jovanka Ciares
Wellness Expert, Author, Producer

I thought it was interesting but something out of reach to the average person. There is a guy who does hypnotherapy commercials here in Phoenix and he seems super shady. I always thought if you wanted to go to someone reputable it would be way too expensive.

After the death of my daughter in 2009 I’ve struggled to fall asleep and stay asleep. I’ve bottled insomnia and it got so bad that sleeping pills didn’t even work. There would be times I would be up for several days and it took a toll on all aspects of my life. I started using Grace Space not thinking it would really work. The $47 a month was way less than I was spending on sleeping pills and such. After about a week I was able to not only fall asleep but stay asleep. I’m fairly certain I can sleep anywhere now. All areas of my life have improved. It was so beneficial that I’ve now signed up for Grace’s hypnotherapy school.

Elizabeth Smith

“Grace Smith coincidentally came into my life precisely when I needed her, and thank God she did! I hired her for trouble with anxiety and memory, both of which she was able to help me with. Grace was very calming and understanding and gave me an environment in which I felt comfortable to do the hypnotherapy exercises in.

I went into hypnosis like I do everything else- open minded with a hint of skepticism. But I’m happy to say that Grace really did help me and she even taught me self-hypnosis so when I’m not in our sessions I have a mental tool I can use if I feel uncomfortable or stressed. The tools she taught me can be used at anytime in any place to relieve stress and bring relaxation.

I was able to regain some important memories and I feel much calmer at a constant level without even doing the self-hypnosis. The little things I used to find stressful don’t bother me so much and I can even find some enjoyment in them.

The deep relaxation I felt during and after our sessions helped me get better sleep and allowed me to be generally calmer in every day life. Grace was understanding, intelligent, and her presence was very soothing.

I was able to relate to Grace on so many levels that It made my experience of hypnosis a lot more beneficial as I felt confident in her abilities and relaxed in her presence. Just her gentle voice is enough to put you to sleep!

When it comes to suffering with anxiety I don’t think you can put a price on finding some relief from it. I would pay it all over again.

I would recommend hypnosis to anyone who is suffering from anxiety. At the very least it will provide you with deep relaxation periods during and directly after your sessions. It will also give you a ” go to ” technique to use if you panic when your on your own.

I would suggest Grace to anyone of my friends or family- in fact I already have!”


Lucy Reevely

“If there wasn’t so much research around hypnosis I would think what Grace does is simply magic because she’s just that powerful! She has a gift of helping others harness their own power to achieve what they really want. After my book came out, my workload increased drastically overnight. My sessions with Grace helped me to make the transition into my new necessary level of performance by instantly overcoming procrastination and overwhelm so I could preform at my best. If you’ve been hitting a wall in your life it’s time to turn to Grace for a breakthrough. I recommend her to anyone and everyone looking to overcome any longstanding, subconscious challenges. “


Jessica Ortner
Author of The New York Times best-seller
The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss & Body Confidence

Last resort after years CBT, 2 rounds of EMDR. Meditation, bio-feedback to manage PTSD. PTSD was leading. Line of Duty Injury as a firefighter trying to relaunch a new career. I’ve tried everything with trying to calm the brain from years of PTSD. I watch Grace’s results are better with hypnosis and very gentle voice giving instructions. I slept for the first time all night without waking up by intrusive thoughts from years of PTSD. Grace needs her own channel. I started using Grace’s motivation periscope hypnosis and now I’m headed into college as a middle aged male with more confidence. I wish this could be a weekly or monthly opportunity as I feel, see, sleep, positive results. After 5 years being off work and trying to re-launch this was the punch in the arm I needed to feel a win.

Bobby Gosvener

“My sessions with Grace have been so enlightening. She has taught me how to connect with myself and trust who I truly am. Grace is always available to provide guidance and support. She makes it easy to open up and be yourself. Her calming demeanor is so soothing and makes the hypnotic process so enjoyable!

I am still working on my program; however I began seeing major results within just a couple of sessions. I had a group presentation to give at my job and I was very anxious about presenting in front of hundreds of people. The day of the presentation I was excited, a little nervous, but most importantly, I felt great before I spoke. I was not at all nervous and performed better than I even imagined I could. My colleagues and boss were impressed with the presentation. I received such positive feedback, which made me feel like I was on cloud nine!! Some colleagues had even said I was a great public speaker!! My boss even personally wrote each one of my group members a letter thanking us for a job well done. It was an amazing feeling to be so calm during an experience, which in the past, would have been so anxiety provoking for me.

Overall, hypnotherapy has resulted in making me a much more relaxed, content, and at peace person. I truly feel hypnocoaching is absolutely amazing! I wish I started the process years ago! I am so looking forward to attending classes to become a hypnocoach myself. It is honestly the best way to get my day started and clear my mind of any stress or negative thinking.

At first I had thought the hypnocoaching was quite pricey; however, it has proven to be worth all that I have spent to receive the results I have been obtaining. I have ALREADY been referring many friends, colleagues, and family members to the Grace Smith Coaching sites and I am hopeful they will also attend and see the results for themselves!

School Social Worker, LCSW

“Before deciding to go to Grace for hypnosis, I was a smoker for over 13 years. I had tried everything to quit smoking, including the patch, gum, and will power- nothing worked. Although I tend to be a bit of a skeptic, I decided to be open-minded and give this hypnosis thing a try.

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What I liked most about this was Grace’s approach to my smoking problem. She got to the root of it all before working on the curing of my habit. By going deep to discover why I smoked and why I now had the desire to quit smoking, I was better able to eradicate the problem once and for all. I realized the reason I had difficulty quitting before was because I still had cravings, which I was gave in to.

Even before my session with Grace was over, I knew I was no longer a smoker. I no longer had the mind of a smoker, nor the thoughts of a smoker. Now, instead of craving cigarettes, I crave water- I can live with that.

I am very grateful to Grace for helping me accomplish this goal and would recommend her to everyone I know.”

Marie Ettiene
Real Estate Agent


I thought it was more of a trick during events…. never thought it would really work for me. – smoking- yes that night I had one more cigarette and after that never touched it again. EVER – weightloss- this is so much deeper than I think the smoking was… still a work in progress but I’m now 20lbs lighter than before I got pregnant 😉 – stress reduction at work- YES!!! So many great tools- I thought I was going to lose my job, and I’m getting promoted to VP of Revenue… executive level, WHAT!! I know I’m late with this, but hopefully you still read it. I’ve been thinking a lot about Grace lately and how a simple groupon has DRAMATICALLY changed my life! It would be easier to discuss over the phone but short answer is – went in to quit smoking and did immediately, then went back for weightloss, then trouble began at work simultaneously. I thought for sure I was going to be fired, just negativity all around me. i hated my life, my job and I wanted out! Grace taught me that… my job isn’t everything, and to start manifesting my destination. I wanted to move to Austin, Texas so badly… and I kept on dreaming about it. I had the perfect vision with me and two kids and my husband in what I thought was Austin Texas. Up until this point I didn’t want children… but then things started to pour out of me with Grace, next thing I knew I was pregnant, and I had a boy who my husband insisted we named Austin (he was dead set against having children!!!) So talk about manifestation, but in a very different way. Anyways, now I’m working with people outside of work for health and fitness, which is my passion and my outlet from work. I’ve met a wonderful girl b/c of grace related to BeachBody… I’ve made new friends and started a way new chapter in my life. AND I can’t help to think that this all started with a Groupon with Grace. She’s been a pivotal person in my life to help me change into wanting to lead my life by design, and not by accident. I’m still very much a work in progress, but I have a very deep special spot in my heart for Grace and the work she has done for me and so many others.

Alexis Warburton

“I began working with Grace Smith to obtain clarity as to not only my path and purpose, but also in regards to several key relationships in my life. Prior to meeting Grace, I was under the impression that hypnosis was more of a gimmick, and used for entertainment. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Grace Smith is an angel on earth.

Her sessions provided me with an unbelievable sense of peace, clarity, and a clear path towards my goals in love and life. Grace is pure love, and creates a beautiful environment for growth and understanding. I cannot recommend working with her enough, it was (and continues to be) life changing.”


Rachel DeAlto

“I was surprised at how deeply relaxed I was on the very first session for trying something so new. Grace’s voice was incredibly calming and serene but she spoke with direction and purpose, I truly felt guided going to that place that I always avoided but which has all the answers—deep down with within myself!

After counting down backwards with me, She would ask me questions about what I was feeling or seeing within my body and I would answer. If at any time I was unsure I told her so, and she guided me back to a place that seemed clearer with answers. She was like a spiritual tour guide to this inner place that I seldom visit but was so familiar at the same time. I was really impressed by her intuitive sense of which way to guide me “Counting down” might sounds like some scary amusement ride, but there was no anxiety, it was all very peaceful, smooth, and relaxing. Everything from the room, any other problems from my day or other things on my mind melted away and I was able to really focus on discovering answers within myself.

Even with some of the tougher, long standing painful issues I was dealing with, it strangely isn’t scary to face them when you’re deep in hypnosis. It’s just all very calm and revealing. Sometimes I’ve even laughed along with Grace, during hypnosis when seeing the odd cause of something I didn’t expect. The best part was, is that I know that while Grace guided me, those answers came from Me, and were within me the whole time.

I was able to achieve full turnarounds on several skin related issues, I regained more confidence and peace with my voice (I had some pretty serious vocal hoarseness and tension I was holding there when singing and speaking) and I have shifted many negative thought patterns that were preventing me from being the best version of myself! I feel calmer, more peaceful and forgiving to myself and others.

There are so many areas of my life that hypnosis has helped in, physical, emotional and behavioral. I constantly find myself saying to others “oh you should try hypnosis for that!.” I started doing hypnosis when there seemed to be no other answer or thing to try, so “why not/ what do I have to lose,” but now it is usually my First go-to for help with almost any issue, big or small.

There are no tricks or gimmicks, nothing to believe or not believe. At the end of the session, she counts you up and when open your eyes you see the room differently. Afterwards I’ve often remembered every word of the session and other times it’s just a good fuzzy feeling. But I always feel lighter and like a purer, kinder, more amazing version of myself.

I have recommended Grace Smith to so many people. She can talk to anyone from any walk of life. She always has a smile on her face and when you start your session, the most serene voice you could ever imagine. I have told her things I’ve never told anyone; she makes you feel safe and there is never anything except pure understanding and light beaming from her. Grace’s intuitive gifts are what truly set her apart from not just other healers but other hypnotherapists; she can sense when there is more within you to explore, and thats what I believe creates her profound, lasting results. Nothing she says ever feels scripted because she is so in the present moment with me that she can truly ask and guide perfectly tailored to my journey that day.

Life is Short. Why would you wait another second hiding behind a habit, a belief, dealing with a physical problem that was holding you back from smiling fully everyday, from feeling less pain and more confidence. Maybe you’ll try hypnocoaching as a last resort, after you have tried everything else and have nothing else to lose.

Working with her has saved me thousands upon thousands of dollars. I had bought so many products or other material items to cover up what really needed to be addressed and If I had just done hypnocoaching…well! I would have saved not only dollars but regained lost time not feeling like my best self in so many crucial areas or my everyday life. And you can’t put a price on that!

My advice? Dive right in and save yourself the time and money and create lasting change now. There’s not a better time than right now to be the best you. The process isn’t scary, it actually makes you feel peaceful and calmer. I am so glad I’ve discovered this amazing work and would recommend it to anyone.”


Amber Skye Noyes

“I had a wonderful and powerful experience with hypnosis to stop a terrible addiction to diet soda. I have basically been on a “slow drip” of diet soda for 20 years. I was aware of the danger and toxic nature of artificial sweeteners but I was unable to stop on my own. I was at my wits end so I decided to try hypnosis.

My Mother had used hypnosis many years ago to quit smoking and had success beating a 40+ year addiction with one session. When I met Grace I felt instantly at ease. She is kind and also very knowledgable. During my first session she provided me with a very powerful image that helped me really see how horrible diet soda is and the damage it can do. From that moment I knew I was done. She also provided me the tools to take what I learned in my session and continue the positive reinforcement on my own.

As of today, it has been 6 weeks since I have had any diet soda or artificial sweeteners. I’ve replaced them with water and have no desire to return to that old disgusting habit. I feel great, my skin looks better, and I have more energy. I’ve even begun to experience weight loss too. I feel such a sense of freedom and calm with each session, and I would absolutely recommend Grace Smith to anyone struggling with a habit or behavior that is keeping them from getting to their best self. Worth every penny! Thank you so much Grace!”

“I was aware what hypnosis was but I was pretty skeptical that it would actually help. Until I experienced it for myself. I was fortunate to have Grace spend a few minutes taking away my chronic stomach pain.

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As we were deep into session I felt my stomach and intestines lighten and pain lift. Over the many years dealing with this pain I’ve always been willing to try everything and anything for relief with no success, until now!! I am so grateful that I found her. I do believe that people are put in our lives and on our path for a reason and Grace has been given to me as a gift to help me and heal me.

I wished I could’ve spent the whole day and weekend listening to you. You and Wayne Dyer captivated me! ”

Kimberly S

I had tried it with a therapist at a young age (around 14) but never really believed or was open to it. I had my doubts that I’d be able to open myself up to it all these years later, thinking I may always be “thinking”…when I found you, though, I decided to make a commitment and have an open mind. It took a few sessions and some work to do that but wow, did I change fast! I had a laundry list of things to work on and I must say- the changes in my life are crazy in a short two years ( I think it’s been two years)…. Where to begin.. 1. weight – I had always been overweight and had recently lost and maintained about a 50lb loss (about 4 years before starting to work with grace) I was 20 lbs away from my goal though and it seemed nothing I did got me there… 2. relationship- I wanted to find a meaningful and real relationship. I had never had any long term relationships before, they were always with this men that were never present, treated me badly or lied to me…there was always something that felt wrong 3. I wanted to find meaning in my life/career I will have to send minor details now but would be HAPPY to fill in with more if wanted!! 1. weight- I have never been this low, and am BEYOND thrilled with my results. I’m learning every day to LOVE my body…it’s work, and still is and probably will be…but I’m in a size 28 jean, 6 dress and feel great! 2. I’M ENGAGED to the LOVE OF MY LIFE! I feel I never would have been able to be in the type of relationship I’m in without the work I have done with Grace. We are open, honest and communicate constantly. It is all I have ever wanted out of a relationship…and more! 3. I just started as CEO of my family’s business…I have been working in different capacities at the company for almost 14 years now and last year moved back to Colorado from NYC for a temporary 2 months, I ended up extending, extending, extending…not only did I fall in love (and get engaged, last week!) but I ended up falling back in love with the project and realizing it is what I’m MEANT TO do! I started as CEO last week. Starting soon I will start CEO work with Grace!